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Building a new home is a major investment and one that will certainly be an exciting time for any homebuyers! Just as it can be something to look forward to though, it can also seem a little intimidating looking at from the onset. Whether it be finding something that falls within your budget, selecting all of the materials or just ensuring it won’t be a major headache, you will have a few decisions to make along the way! One of these decisions that affects just about everything is the builder you select. You’ll want (and need!) a team of passionate professionals that have been here before. In addition, they should ALWAYS have their client’s best interest in mind when it comes to warranty, customer service, quality and any other related topics.

Here at Hearthside Homes, our goal is to remove any worry or doubt from the picture. Since 1987, Hearthside Homes has served thousands of homebuyers throughout the Northland area, including those in the North Kansas City school district. In what has quickly become a growing area, we are passionate about finding you a community and home that perfectly fits what you’re searching for.

On this page, we will walk you through our homebuilding process to show you why building a home shouldn’t be that stressful! After that, we’ll show you how you can find your dream home in the North Kansas City school district. There are plenty of family-friendly communities and beautiful homes to pick from, all within this school district.

New Home Construction in Just 3-Steps

Believe it or not, but you really can fit the entire homebuilding process into three-steps. As briefly mentioned in the opening section, our mission is to make your life as stress-free as possible during the design and construction stages. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way with the help of our production app and in roughly six months, you’ll be ready to move in!


Step #1: Design

To get in touch with us, simply give our team a call at (816) 781-0234 or fill out the form here. Once signed on, you’ll work with one of our homebuilding design professionals. They’ll assist you in finalizing everything from the cabinetry to the front door color.

Step #2: Build

Once you’ve selected all of your materials, it’s time to make that vision come to fruition. In total, the home construction process spans roughly 6 months. Through your production dashboard, you’ll be able to see updated timelines and know exactly what will be done when. 

step #3: Move-In

It’s closing day! We love seeing the smiles on our client’s faces when they receive their keys. We’ll do a walkthrough to make sure everything is pristine and then it’s on to the title company. Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of a Hearthside Home!

Featured Community in the North Kansas City School District: Barry Brooke

Our team currently builds in one community that feeds into the North Kansas City school district and that is Barry Brooke! While material selections are certainly going to have an impact on the final price, you can expect to see homes in this Kansas City community range from the upper-$200,000’s to the mid-$300,000’s. As mentioned before, Barry Brooke homes fall within the North Kansas City school district and feature a range of options to get your children from elementary school up through high school. Located just north of 152 & Brighton, you’re going to have easy access to major highways and the ability to get you to all of the shopping and entertainment the Northland has to offer! In addition, you’re not far away from KCI either! To see all of our homes currently for sale in Barry Brooke, click the button below!

In addition to the beautiful Barry Brooke community in Kansas City, MO, Hearthside Homes also builds throughout the rest of the Northland. To see a complete list of all the communities we’re currently building in, click HERE.

Why the North Kansas City School District?

Just as the Northland area is going to give you the perfect foundation to build your new home, the North Kansas City school district is also one that any parent would be happy to have for their children! Having received a number of national recognitions, it’s clear that North Kansas City educators are passionate about providing valuable knowledge in the classroom and setting these students up for success in the real world. 

As stated on their website, the mission for the North Kansas City school district is “to ensure that all are life-ready and ethically grounded in an ever-changing world through innovative educational experiences that:

  • Inspire Lifelong Learning
  • Embrace Inclusion
  • Forge a Unified Community”

 When it comes to awards and recognition, we think you’ll be pretty impressed by their resume! Just by taking a look at the extensive list, you’ll see everything from national awards to state/local ones. To see the complete list, along with those that pursue collegiate programs, click the link HERE.

If you’re sold on raising your family in the North Kansas City school district, we certainly think you’ve made a wise decision! Click the button below to get in touch with our team and determine what the best plan will be moving forward.

Biggest Mistakes When Building a Home

Now that you’ve seen a little bit more behind how we operate in a company, as well as the beautiful Barry Brooke community in the North Kansas City school district, it’s time to analyze a few matters that could turn your home build into a true nightmare! Trust us, it’s worth browsing through this list to ensure you’re prepared before hiring anyone for your project! Our complete list is linked HERE on the blog, but a few of our favorites are:

Picking an Unorganized Builder: Selecting a builder that has the entire building process dialed into a well-oiled machine will make your life SO much easier! For one, you won’t be worried about everything following according to schedule. They should keep you in the loop the entire way and barring any unforeseen delays, should be able to get relatively close to the estimated completion date.

Building in the Wrong Location: Thinking about resale value isn’t likely the top item on your priority list, but should still be something in the back of your head during the early stages. Before choosing a community, make sure the school districts are up-to-par and that it’s located in a growing area! Here at Hearthside Homes, we take most of this guess work out of the puzzle for our clients. All of the communities we build in are ones we feel confident in being long-term solutions.

Buying More Than You Can Afford: When choosing your home build budget, keep in mind the concept of being “house-poor.” The last thing you need is to build a home that you simply couldn’t afford. In budgeting, make sure to remember all of the other expenses included as well. Closing costs, property taxes, and insurance are a few that instantly come to mind! 

Material Selections That Last: Our final tip is selecting materials that will last for resale value. As you might guess, customizing every single aspect of your new home can be a fun, yet stressful, process. With this, something to remember during the design process is to avoid making your material selections too unique or too trendy. Yes, you can still include your own personal touch, but make sure it’s also something that will be intriguing to potential homebuyers!

Meet Some Hearthside Homeowners!

Since 1987, we’ve had the honor of working with so many awesome Kansas City residents. Some of them worked with us throughout the entire construction process, while others bought a home that had already been built. In any case, we can’t say thank you enough to all of our clients over the years. In this video, in particular, we caught up with the Winkie Family, as they shared their experiences working with Hearthside Homes.

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