Basement Finish

Design and Build Your Dream Basement.

Do you already own your dream home and are ready to expand the total living area? If so, finishing your basement is the perfect way to do just that! Since 1987, our team at Hearthside Homes has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Northland families. In addition to our homebuilding services, we’re also pleased to offer basement finishes. With this, homeowners have the opportunity to work with an experienced designer in creating a basement that perfectly aligns with their vision for the space. In essence, you’re able to receive the “homebuilding” experience while simply adding another space for entertaining, relaxing and ultimately making more memories! To speak with a member of our team, feel free to give us a call at (816) 781-0234 or fill out the form HERE.

Finishing your basement will entail a number of design decisions along the way! From choosing your favorite materials to finalizing the layout, homeowners will certainly enjoy seeing their vision for the space come to life. Given that certain variables (such as material selections) can have an impact on the total cost, we’ve listed starting pricing below based on square footage.

Additional options to consider include adding a bar, exercise room, office, kitchen, media room and so on!


400 – 600 SQFT

$45,000 – $60,000


600 – 800 SQFT

$60,000 – $70,000


800 SQFT & Above


Need Some Ideas and Inspiration?

Much like with building a home, finishing your basement presents a plethora of possibilities. Maybe that means turning the space into a “Man Cave” where you can watch your favorite teams play? How about transforming it into the perfect hang out spot for your kids? Are all of the rooms upstairs occupied and you could use an area for a home office? To sum it up, there’s no shortage of ways in which you can utilize your finished basement. It’s definitely a renovation project that will be well worth the investment. In case you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve featured a few examples that you might consider!


No matter how you intend on utilizing the space, you can’t go wrong with adding a small kitchen. It definitely doesn’t have to be anything as extensive as your primary kitchen, but some cabinets, a sink and a fridge can come in handy! What do you think?!

Living Area

In addition to a stunning kitchen, you’ll also need a space for some furniture and mounting the TV on the wall, right? Need some help deciding on a layout? Our design team is always here to help and can certainly help in creating a space you LOVE!


Lastly, when finishing your basement, you’ll also definitely want to consider incorporating a bathroom. Whether that just be something basic or one that also includes a shower/bathtub is entirely up to you, but you’ll nonetheless want to include a restroom somewhere!

Hear From a Hearthside Homeowner.

At Hearthside Homes, we take pride in not only creating a product that you absolutely love, but also doing so in a seamless process! Hear from a previous client as they share their experience working with our team!

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