our process

Stage #1:


Our team will create the plans specific to YOUR home and site. Even if it’s using one of our floor plans, each and every home is unique in it’s own right.

At this meeting, we’ll review the plans, specifications, and remaining items to be selected with you. It is also here where you’ll finalize decisions that need to be made early in the building process. You will be given an overview of what to expect going forward!

Stage #2:

design selections

In this phase, you’ll be meeting with a professional interior designer who will assist you in selecting all the finishing touches for your new home.

You’ll be able to meet with SRS Design, who will help you choose elements that blend together. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for and or have no idea, the team at SRS will have all the info you’ll need to make terrific decisions! 

Stage #3:


Ever hear the kitchen called the “heart of a home?” Well, the kitchen is typically the most talked about room with any new home build we start on!

At Phase #3, you will meet with our appliance experts to finalize all of your appliance choices for your new kitchen. At the same time, you’ll be able to make your fixture selections, as the lighting showroom is located at the same location.

Stage #4:


With colors, materials and appliances finalized, it’s time to head over to Miller’s Custom Cabinets.

You’ll meet to determine the details and personal styling for your cabinets. From customizing the interiors to fold-out ironing boards, they’ll make sure everything will fit perfectly when installed! If you’re interested, you can even take a tour of the actual shop where your new cabinets will be created!

Stage #5:

Pre-drywall orientation

Framing is done, heating and cooling ducts are installed, and plumbing/electrical rough-in work is complete!

It’s time to meet on-site with our construction team to review progress, answer questions, and ensure everything is going according to plan. This is a terrific stage to ensure your expectations are being met!

Stage #6:


Construction continues to progress! At this stage, you will start seeing all those selections you made a few months ago come to life! 

Electricians will likely begin hanging fixtures, trim painting will be completed and plenty else! While this is not a formal meeting, it is a common occurrence as new owners are excited to check progress at their new home.

Stage #7:


We are just about finished up at this stage, but not 100% yet! Our team will allocate time to take a detailed look at the house and create a punch-list of what needs corrected.

Everything from the mechanical components to the finishing touches, we’ll be sure to inspect every single element. Any flaws will be documented and corrected before the closing stages!

Stage #8:


Construction is wrapped up and it’s time for the new home orientation! You will meet with our team to walk you through the entire house, including introduction to your new point of contact for any future warranty-related issues.

Mike will give you a homeowner’s manual and show you how everything works! It is also at this time that you’ll be able to complete your own personal inspection of the home!

Stage #9:


It’s finally time for closing day! With one final quick stop at the home, you will be able to meet with us to double check that all remaining items found at the orientation have been completed. 

After that, it’s off to the title company to sign closing papers, get your keys, and move in!

Stage #10:


Just because you’ve already moved in doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be there for you should a problem arise. Whenever you build with Hearthside Homes, there’s always going to be a warranty available to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Let’s check back in with the Clark family to see how they’re doing one year later!

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