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At Hearthside Homes, we realize that the entire home construction process can be intimidating from the onset. Whether that be determining which school district is the best to raise your family in or even just finalizing all of the materials involved in construction, it can seem daunting. Going hand-in-hand with this, you’ll also want to be confident in your builder’s ability to turn a vision into an actual reality! You need a team of educated and passionate professionals that are able to deliver time and time again.

With the team at Hearthside Homes, we feel confident in our ability to do just that! Ever since we began our operation in 1987, we’re fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to serve prospective homebuyers throughout the entire Northland, including Kearney, MO. As is the case with many other cities north of the river, Kearney, MO has seen rapid growth in recent years. Similarly, many would likely agree with us when we say that Kearney should continue to be a popular location for homebuyers in the market for new build construction.

Throughout this particular page, we hope to educate you on how our building process is focused on creating the most stress-free experience possible for our clients. Going along with this, we will feature communities in Kearney, MO and throughout the Northland that might be of interest to you in your homebuying journey!

New Home Construction in Just 3-Steps

As mentioned above, our goal since day 1 has been centered around not only creating a consistent, quality product, but also ensuring the entire process is seamless and stress-free. To truly make this a reality, we’ve categorized the entire process into three easy steps. First and foremost, we always want to ensure you’re involved every step of the way and have an estimated timeline. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 3-step process that goes from clicking the “Get Pricing” button to signing the final closing papers!


Step #1: Design

To get in touch with us, simply give our team a call at (816) 781-0234 or fill out the form here. Once signed on, you’ll work with one of our homebuilding design professionals. They’ll assist you in finalizing everything from the cabinetry to the front door color.

Step #2: Build

Once you’ve selected all of your materials, it’s time to make that vision come to fruition. In total, the home construction process spans roughly 6 months. Through your production dashboard, you’ll be able to see updated timelines and know exactly what will be done when. 

step #3: Move-In

It’s closing day! We love seeing the smiles on our client’s faces when they receive their keys. We’ll do a walkthrough to make sure everything is pristine and then it’s on to the title company. Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of a Hearthside Home!

Featured Community in Kearney, MO: Meadows at Greenfield

Located in the Kearney school district, the Meadows at Greenfield community has quickly become a favorite amongst those looking to move a little farther north of the city. It provides that unique country feel, while also being close to plenty of shopping, entertainment and so on! The community features a swimming pool, four mile walking trail and even two stocked ponds! Homes in this Kearney, MO community range from the mid-$300,000’s to $400,000’s.


In addition to the beautiful Meadows at Greenfield community in Kearney, MO, Hearthside Homes also builds throughout the rest of the Northland. To see a complete list of all the communities we’re currently building in, click HERE.

What To Look For In Your Kearney, MO Homebuilder

If you do opt to go the new build route, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to answer is “Who will build your dream home?” As you would probably expect, choosing the wrong builder could easily be the difference between an exciting experience and one that goes three months past the expected timeline! In addition, if you’ve never built a home from the ground up, you might not know which questions would help you decipher a “quality builder” from a “below-average builder.” Luckily, in a growing city like Kearney, MO, you have plenty of options to consider. Having said that, here are a few must-have qualities that all reliable builders will answer confidently:

– Experience and Licensed – How long has the company been in business? While strong marketing material is critical for growing a business, you can let it make your decision for you. One of the biggest differences you’ll recognize between an experienced and an inexperienced builder is their ability to have everything run like a well-oiled machine! Experienced builders have created systems and processes that are easy to replicate, and more importantly, result in quality products every single time.

– Timeline – One of the best qualities a reliable builder possesses is the ability to create AND stick to a timeline. With homebuilding being a process that spans more than a few months, this can certainly be a challenge. However, if you’ve built hundreds of homes, it can easily be a walk in the park as well!

– Warranty – With the entire homebuilding process being such an exciting time, you likely can’t wait to sign those closing papers and move in! However, one thing that you’ll want finalized in the early stages is the warranty policy. While you don’t expect anything to be wrong with a new home, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

For the complete checklist of must-have qualities for your Kearney, MO homebuilder, check out this blog post!

Must-Have Items For Your Kearney Home

For many, building a home from the ground up is a dream come true! You’re able to take suggestions from your builder, as well as put a unique, customized touch on every element. If this is your first new home construction though, you might be a little surprised at just how many decisions need to be made and could possibly use some inspiration assistance! With that said, our team compiled a list of a few trends that we’ve noticed throughout Kearney, MO homeowners. Click HERE to check out the complete list, but here a few to get you started:

– Let There Be Light – You’ll have plenty of fun picking out light fixtures for your kitchen and bathrooms, but don’t forget about natural lighting! It truly is capable of livening up the entire floor!

– Outlets Galore – In the 21st century, one thing that we always can find use for is an outlet. Whether it be charging any of your devices or plugging in appliances, you’ll want to make sure plenty of outlets are installed. At the same time, make sure they’re easily accessible!

– Outdoor Living Area – Over the last handful of years, one of the most popular trends throughout Kearney has been the outdoor living space. It’s a perfect spot to make memories with loved ones and even just a place to relax after a long day of work. Whether that be a covered deck or just a patio, we strongly recommend incorporating some sort of outdoor entertaining space!

– Storage, Storage, Storage – You’re certainly not the only Kearney homeowner with a lot of “stuff” that you need to find a home for! From utilizing an unfinished basement (or just one room) to the attic, you’ll want to make sure there is somewhere to store all of this!

Meet Some Hearthside Homeowners!

Since 1987, we’ve had the honor of working with so many awesome Kansas City and Kearney residents. Some of them worked with us throughout the entire construction process, while others bought a home that had already been built. In any case, we can’t say thank you enough to all of our clients over the years. In this video, in particular, we caught up with the Jones Family, as they shared their experiences working with Hearthside Homes.

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