Don’t Forget These 7 Features When Building A Home!

The thought of building a home is a dream for many! After all, you get to customize the house to your unique taste! From the crown molding, to the hardware, counter-tops, flooring and paint, there are a lot of different choices to make. Understandably, this can be a bit overwhelming. For some people, decisions are easily and confidently made. For others, the worry of making the wrong decision can leave them awake in the middle of the night! 

If you’ve built a home in the past, you know first-hand how much work goes into building one from the ground up. At Hearthside Homes, we have processes in place to make the experience run as smoothly as possible. For one, we offer a selection of floorplans that we know are functional, beautiful and will last for years to come! We have been in the home building business since 1987 and (to put it simply) we know what works and what doesn’t! So, no, we won’t build any blueprint that comes our way and we’ll definitely tell you when a customization is out of our wheelhouse.

After building homes for hundreds of Kansas City families, it’s safe to say we’ve learned the ins and outs of the home building process and we’re happy to share them with you! Unfortunately, throughout the years we’ve heard a few horror stories of people who have built with other Kansas City builders. And, quite frankly, it saddens us that so many hardworking folks invest in homes that they’re ultimately unsatisfied with.

Regardless if you build your next home with us or not, we’d like to share some advice with you! Here are seven things you shouldn’t forget in your next build!

Let There Be Light

Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Not only is it important to consider lighting fixtures and their placement, it’s equally crucial to take windows into consideration! No matter how great a home layout is, if the windows aren’t the right size or placed correctly, the interior of your house can look quite dingy. To avoid this gloomy feel, make sure your home has ample lighting! Not only will it make the house look brighter and more welcoming, it can also cut electricity expenses. Think about it! If you have lots of natural light, you won’t have to have the lights on during the day. 

Unfortunately, not all builders consider lighting during the construction and planning process. Before the drywall is installed, incorporating additional lighting throughout the house is relatively simple. However, most homeowners don’t notice the lack of a light source until doing the final walk-through or even after they move in! Adding a light fixture later on will cost you hundreds of dollars and a headache or two. 

Some common areas where builders often forget lighting include hallways, closets, pantry rooms and above showers! Before you sign off, make sure all these non-obvious spaces are not forgotten! Additionally, if you’re interested in incorporating dimmer switches, it’s important that you solidify this detail in your build plans. 

Outlets Everywhere

In today’s day and age, it’s no secret that we all have tons of electronics. From laptops to cell phones, Ipads and more, it seems like there’s always something that needs to be charged! A home without enough outlets isn’t exactly functional. The reasoning for plentiful electrical sources extends far beyond our electronics. Lamps, kitchen appliances and even holiday decorations require outlets that might not be as obvious. 

In the living room, you’ll most likely want to include an outlet above the fireplace for the TV. You also may want an electrical source within the flooring of the living room near the sofa. This will allow you to plug in a lamp or even a heated blanket during those cold winter months. 

If you like to go all-out during the holidays, having an outlet above the staircase is a great idea! This way you can incorporate lighting into your garland without having the hassle of changing batteries. 

Having outlets in the pantry is also useful for storing kitchen appliances. You’ll also want additional electrical sources include near beds. This allows you to have lamps on either side and maybe an alarm clock or two. Not to mention, charge your devices nearby while you sleep! 

An Awesome Master Shower 

Hate waiting your turn for the shower? Consider dual shower heads in the master bathroom! Let’s face it, you both need to get to work and you really don’t have time to wait for your spouse to get out of the shower. Dual shower heads are practical for busy couples! 

A bench is also a trend that many of our homeowners have been loving. Not only does this allow you to sit and soak up some steam, it makes shaving a lot more convenient. Shaving while seated can also reduce the risk of you slipping and falling. 

Shelving can also be installed in your shower. By incorporating this feature, you’ll have storage for all your shampoos, conditioners, lotions and potions! Come on ladies, we know you have about a dozen more products in your shower than you really need… 

A couple final thoughts when it comes to custom showers, make sure the faucet is set at the right height and that there’s a light source directly above. You’ll also want to make sure the doors move the right direction for the space. After all, you don’t want to risk accidentally shattering glass because the door can reach another area of the bathroom. 

Practical Bathrooms For The Kids

Most children grow up sharing a bathroom with their siblings. We’ve all had that experience of dancing like a monkey while waiting for our turn to use the toilet! It’s not exactly the most pleasant experience. 

Making your bathrooms practical is easier than one might think. In fact, with the right design, multiple people can be using the facility at once! Our Chandler ll floorplan incorporates this design feature, which is why it’s such a hit with home buyers who have children. One of the upstairs bathrooms in the home is a Jack & Jill. It has dual sinks and tons of storage! It also has two separate smaller areas with doors. One for the shower and the other for the toilet! By closing off these areas with a door for privacy, there’s really no need to wait for your turn in the bathroom! 

A Covered Outdoor Area

A covered outdoor area is a great feature to incorporate into your build. Not only does this provide a nice area to relax and unwind after a long day at work, it also provides a great area for entertaining! 

Whether it’s a patio or deck, you’ll enjoy sitting under the covered structure while taking in some fresh air. Many of our homeowners incorporate firepits for fall weather. This also protects outdoor kitchens and barbecues from the elements such as rain, snow or hale! 

Incorporating this aspect of your home into the initial build will most likely save you money in the long run. Adding this sort of your project to your home at a later date can often cause more headaches and expenses than constructing it the same time you build your home. 

Don’t Forget The Grass!

When shopping for a builder, it’s important to know that not all bids are created equal! We understand that it’s hard to consider all the details. After all, there are so many things to consider! Irrigation systems are not always included in your plan, so make sure to clarify that before you sign a contract!

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Many of us have a lot more “stuff” than we’d like to admit! Between seasonal decorations, family heirlooms and sentimental items, it’s very common for homeowners to need storage space! Whether that’s an unfinished basement, an attic or a garage, make sure you take storage into consideration when building a home.

You’ll also need functional storage for everyday items. This includes more than just linen and coat closets. You need to consider the storage options in each bedroom, and especially the kitchen! After all, no matter how good a house looks, it needs to be functional!

Make Your Build As Headache Free As Possible 

At Hearthside Homes, a large aspect of our mission is to bring happiness to homeowners by not only creating exceptional homes and communities, but also by providing an extraordinary home buying experience! We expect our homes to be durable, beautiful spaces that will allow you to create memories with your loved ones for years to come! 

If you’re on the hunt for a Kansas City home builder, we’d love to meet with you to show you why Hearthside Homes is different from our competitors! Feel free to fill out a contact form or call us at (816) 781-0234. If you’re in the early phases of exploring the possibility of building a home, download our design book here! Additionally, feel free to get some inspiration from our Facebook & Instagram accounts. 

We look forward to earning your business and creating a space you are proud to call home!