Why You Should Have A Kitchen In Your Kansas City Basement

Are you thinking about finishing your Kansas City basement? If so, you should definitely consider adding a kitchen to the space! Maybe you’re thinking about finishing the basement of your existing home, or perhaps you’re in the process of building a new home and wondering if an extra kitchen is worth the splurge. Either way, this blog post will help you determine if a kitchen in your basement is right for you!

Did you know having a kitchen in your basement can be beneficial for resale? Not to mention, adding a kitchen to your basement offers several different opportunities for renting, having guests over, and entertaining. Renters or guests can have their own quarters, and you won’t have to worry about carrying your gourmet cuisine all the way down the stairs to the party if you have this second space! A lot of homeowners are hopping on this trend, and we are here to let you know why Kansas City basement kitchens are so popular!

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Build An Entertainment Space 

A kitchen in the basement can allow for loads of entertaining! Whether you are hosting a holiday or just having a small family night, a kitchen is a great tool to make it all happen. Imagine having an additional fridge, oven, and microwave! It’s easy to see why these appliances would make hosting a breeze – especially during Thanksgiving! You’ll love having extra countertop space with outlets nearby, ready for the crockpot recipes to take action! If you have an island, add extra bar stools to watch the big game. Need we say more? 

Transform It Into A Guest Suite

Does your extended family visit often or do you love hosting friends? Having a guest suite downstairs with a kitchen will make things comfortable for everyone! Extended family members or friends can stay close to you all while having their own designated space. Friends and family will, no doubt, feel right at home! 

Make It Into A Rental Unit

Interested in making a few extra bucks? With a second kitchen, the chances of renting out your lower level are higher. If you are looking to make some extra cash down the line or have too much space, renting is an awesome option! Or, if you have a teen that is ready for some freedom (but not too much freedom), this is another perfect reason to add a kitchen downstairs! 

Kitchen Style Ideas

Once you figure out what you will be using the kitchen for, it’s time for the fun part; styling! There are several different ways that you could lay out your basement kitchen, depending on what is functional for what your goal is and what style matches your preference. Some things to consider are…

Size: What size kitchen will work for your basement? You won’t want to turn your whole basement into a kitchen. You will want to leave room for a living area and whatever else you might desire. Many people keep their basement kitchenettes simple and tucked away to allow room for other things!

Storage: Are you looking for a lot of storage for food and drinks in your basement kitchen? Make sure you think about that before building the cabinets and the refrigerator. If you are an up-and-coming sommelier, build some wine storage!

Appliances: What kind of appliances do you want in this kitchen? Do you want to match the upstairs, or go for a different style altogether? We love cute matte black or gold hardware looks that would be sure to spice this kitchenette up! Figure out if you have enough room for a full-sized refrigerator, oven or microwave…or all!

Dry Bar vs. Wet Bar: Are you looking for a bar with a sink and running water, or a simple beverage center? This will depend on both your preference and your budget! A wet bar will be more convenient and serve more purpose, however, it will be more expensive with plumbing involved! If you want to keep things more manageable, maybe a dry bar is for you.

Lighting: What aesthetic are you going for? Warm or cool lights will look great depending on the vibe that you want! You can even add under-cabinet lights to illuminate the bar.

Maintenance: Don’t forget about the maintenance side of things! Adding space to your home shouldn’t mean adding boatloads of more work for yourself, so make sure you consider what is practical! We recommend keeping things simple and using materials that are easy to clean. For flooring, vinyl or tile is great! For the counters, we think laminate, quartz, or recycled glass are the way to go. 

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