SRS Design: Vendor Spotlight! 

Are you thinking about building a home? If so, you’re likely most excited about the material selection process. After all, customizing your home to your unique style is fun! Not to mention, once you move in, you’ll love that every aspect of your home has been catered perfectly to your unique style! From picking out the flooring to the cabinets, paint colors, tile, and more, there are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to choosing all the components of your new home. In this blog post, we’re highlighting a local Kansas City interior design company, SRS Design! We hope you enjoy learning more about their business! 

For those of you who are stumbling across our blog for the first time, welcome to Hearthside Homes! Since 1987, we’ve been building beautiful and long-lasting homes. We currently build in the Kansas City, Liberty, Kearney, and Parkville areas. Click here to learn more about our communities. Our team and SRS Design routinely work together to create a cohesive and stunning final product for our homeowners. Whether our clients want a trendy feature, traditional elements, ultra-modern flare, or anything in between, SRS Design can help turn your vision into reality! In this blog post, you’ll hear feedback from Shannan Slavens, owner and interior design specialist at SRS Design. 

Tell Us About SRS Design! 

Shannan Says:SRS Design is a full-service interior design studio for both the builder and homebuyer located just outside of downtown Kansas City in the Northland. We pride ourselves in being a full-service customizable design studio. SRS Design was born in 2011. Our market revealed a need for a boutique-style interior design studio for the builder and individual. One that offers a comprehensive service and product offering from finishes to furniture.” 

What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors? 

Shannan Says: We have a distinct interest in the finished product. We do not strive to be the largest provider in our industry.  We strive to be the best! We are unique from the big brand home stores and offer selections at affordable prices. Plus, our individual attention to detail is unsurpassed during the selection process. The market is saturated with a multitude of different products and options. Each year we do our homework attending trade shows and developing relationships so we can offer leading, trend-forward product selections and stay savvy, stylish, and affordable.” 

Walk Us Through The Design Process

Shannan Says: “We start the meeting by asking questions about specific inspirations that may drive the upcoming selections for the buyer.  Our first focus is on the kitchen. We then build on these finishes, moving through the home to create a cohesive relationship between spaces.  A typical design meeting for a new home will take about 4 hours.” 

How Do You Help Homeowners Who Are Indecisive? 

Shannan Says: “We have created a system to guide the buyer, with the intent to make the process fun and rewarding!   We work through each area of the home together and build on each selection, with a smooth transition between spaces.  It is important to take the time needed in each part of the home, to allow the buyer to absorb the process and feel good with their decisions.  Our years of experience and authentic desire to collaborate with the buyer to create a beautiful home lends to a feeling of comfort and confidence for the buyer.” 

How Do You Make Sure Choices Get Communicated To The Builder?

Shannan Says: “Our designers fill out the selection form and walk through the selections at the end of the meeting, to make sure the information is accurate, and everyone is on the same page.  The buyer signs the form and is given a copy for their records.”

How Soon Do You Order The Material Selections? 

Shannan Says: “At drywall stage, we start the process of creating all the forms necessary to process orders and communicate to installers.   We do a field measure after the cabinets are set, and process orders at that time. Selections must be confirmed at the beginning of the drywall stage for all other steps to flow smoothly and avoid costly changes.”

What Happens If Someone Changes Their Mind? 

Shannan Says: “We ask that the homeowner come in to make/review any desired changes so that we can confirm all other selections will coordinate.”

Do You Do Residential Or Commercial Work?

Shannan Says: “Our main work is with new home builders.  We also work with individuals and remodel contractors.”

What Cool Trend Are You Currently Seeing?

Shannan Says: “We have seen a lot of growth in prefinished wood flooring.  The styles, colors, and quality have made a considerable impact on the industry.  So many choices and great functionality.   This has been a popular upgrade for buyers. Light and bright spaces have been fun to work with and will transition well to the emerging warmer color trends.  Mixing the cool and warm color palettes is one of our favorite color trends currently. High-performance materials are a focus for many manufacturers, and we are seeing a generous selection of high-performance fabrics in the furnishings industry, as well as carpet products.” 

Do You Have A Warranty? 

Shannan Says: “We follow the warranty guidelines for Hearthside Homes and support their warranty program.”

Tell Us About Your Design Studio! 

Shannan Says: “We are located in North Kansas City and meet by appointment. Our studio comprises four divisions:  Flooring, Furnishings, Window Treatments, and Design Consultation. Whether you’re building a new home or need to freshen up a room, creating your “style” cohesively can be incredibly difficult to accomplish. That’s where our design team comes in. To create a complete interior rhythm we pride ourselves in being a full-service customizable design studio! We listen to your vision, explore your tastes, and infuse creative ideas into a room or house design that encompasses your style within a budget you can afford.  Consultation is waived with a $5,000 purchase made from our Design Studio. Call us today to set up a consultation!”

Building Your Kansas City Home With Hearthside Homes

We hope you enjoyed learning about SRS Designs! Thank you to Shannan for sharing a few words, and for always providing unparalleled service to our customers! We appreciate the team at SRS Designs and look forward to collaborating with them for years to come. 

Are you on the hunt for a home in the Kansas City or surrounding areas? Check out our current listings! We often have homes that are sold at the framing stage. This means that you can sometimes still tweak a few material selections to your liking! If you’re looking for a more personalized approach, no problem! Hearthside Homes makes the home building experience easy, fun, fast, and headache-free! Did you know that once we break ground on your project your home will be move-in ready in about six months?! Seriously!

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