Looking to turn your Kansas City backyard into an awesome entertainment space for your friends and family to enjoy? In this blog post, we’re sharing several ways you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful sanctuary. Whether your yard is big or small, we have several ideas to make your outdoor living space the paradise you’ve been craving! 

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Start With The Base

Having a deck or a patio is necessary to make all your backyard entertaining dreams come to life! If you want to enjoy the space, rain or shine, consider adding a covered structure with a fan and a light fixture. This will allow you to take advantage of the outdoor living space throughout the day, and extend your usage beyond the warm summer months. Almost all of our new construction homes come move-in ready with a patio, deck, or covered structure. You can click here to check out our current listings. 

Build A Fireplace Or A Firepit

Many people often include firepits or even fireplaces in their backyards as a great source of entertainment. After all, the whole family will enjoy a bonfire with a marshmallow roasting! On days you crave relaxation, cozy up by the fire with your favorite drink and gaze at the stars. You can enjoy a fire feature year-round!

Get To Grilling 

It’s an American pastime to have a grill in your backyard! Kansas City is known for its barbeque, so having a smoker or grill is practically essential. Outdoor cooking is ideal for hosting a gathering with a lot of mouths to feed. Who doesn’t love a good burger, hotdogs, or grilled chicken? 

Go Extra & Build A Kitchen

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level by adding a grill station or even a full kitchen! There are various designs you can choose from based on your unique preferences, space allowance, and budget. Impress the neighbors by adding a sink, ice machine, and beverage refrigerator! Modern outdoor appliances usually come in stainless steel so they are weather-resistant. You can even incorporate an island or bar area to add additional seating! 

You’ll enjoy cooking delicious home-cooked meals outdoors while chatting with your friends and family. Plus, you won’t have to worry about transporting food and dishes in and out of the indoor kitchen. Not to mention, an outdoor kitchen makes cleanup a breeze. Just hose down the space when you’re done serving your guests! 

Add A Dining Table

If you want to create the ultimate outdoor living experience, you’re going to need to invest in some furniture. This doesn’t have to make your pocket hurt. Costco, Sam’s Club, Menards, and Big Lots are large retailers with affordable outdoor furniture. 

You’ll definitely need a long table for the whole gang to gather if you are planning on entertaining. If you host children, an outdoor dining table is a great, mess-free, solution to the crumbs and stains you usually find around the house. No more worrying about spilled milk or ketchup stains. Simply hose down the space as needed!

Have Plenty Of Seating

If you want your visitors to relax and stay awhile, having comfortable seating is crucial. An outdoor sectional and some gliding chairs are great options. Just make sure any fabrics you leave outside are water-resistant and washable. To extend the longevity of the furniture, cover it when it’s not used or store the cushions somewhere dry. 

Swings aren’t just for the kids! You’ve likely noticed a few swings at your recent trip to the hardware store. Or, hang a swing from a sturdy tree. Just grab a rope and a bench and it’s the perfect DIY project. Alternatively, you can add a hammock! A swinging hammock is a perfect place to relax. You’ll love snoozing on sunny afternoons after reading your favorite book. 

Add Interest With A Pergola

If you don’t have a covered structure in your outdoor living space, you’ll need shade for those hot summer days! Adding umbrellas or a pergola will keep you cool and provide some shelter from sprinkles of rain that may your way. Pergolas can be draped with water-resistant fabric. You can also take the ambiance to the next level by stringing lights throughout the beams. 

Light Up The Night

When it comes to planning and designing your outdoor living space, good lighting is essential! After all, you’ll likely want to use this space long after sunset. Not only does outdoor lighting create a relaxing ambiance, but it also helps promote safety by reducing trips and falls. Be sure to illuminate any areas with steps and especially the cooking area! 

By hanging lights on trees or fences further out in the yard, the space will be more inviting and encourage your guests to stay longer. In addition, you can even add some cool lanterns or tiki torches to elevate the experience! 

Incorporate A Water Feature

Consider adding a water feature to your outdoor space to create a relaxing atmosphere! The trickle of a fountain or waterfall can make anyone feel at peace and like they are at the closest day spa. The sight and sound of flowing water have been shown to enhance tranquility. Adding a water feature can make your Kansas City backyard feel more peaceful!  

Make A Splash

A hot tub could be an amazing addition to your outdoor living space! You’ll love taking a dip in the warm water throughout the year. If you’re willing to share with your guests, they’ll be more than ecstatic to jump in! If you have the space, and the budget, go for the whole nine yards and consider adding a pool!

Install An Outdoor TV

Add a TV to the outdoor space! Flatscreen TVs are relatively affordable and not very hard to install. However, make sure the TV is enclosed in case of any inclement weather. You can watch the big game or a movie with the family. Alternatively, you can hang a big sheet and grab a projector to host your very own outdoor movie night. Bring out some blankets and popcorn and skip the cinema! If you have kids, they’ll love this! 

Plant Flowers

You can’t forget your lawn and landscaping! Greenery and flowers will brighten up your new outdoor living space. Easy, low-maintenance plants are ideal. Some that we recommend are catmint, hosta, allium, daylily, poppy, salvia, peony, yarrow, switchgrass, and coneflower. If you want year-round greenery, go with some boxwoods or evergreens! In the spring and summer, potted plants bring the space to life with their colorful charm. 

Set Up An Outdoor Game Area

Last, but definitely not least, get the friendly competition going by having outdoor games. Cornhole, giant Jenga, horseshoes, and croquet are all fun options. Outdoor games are great sources of entertainment. If you’re hosting a party, this allows guests to get to know each other better while having some fun! 

Is It Time To Move? 

We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to make your Kansas City backyard an awesome entertainment space for your friends and family! If your current house isn’t feeling like home sweet home, take a look at our listings! You can click here to read Google reviews from our happy customers and click here to watch our video testimonials. 

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