Kid-Friendly Features You Need In Your Home! 

Let’s talk about some kid-friendly home features that you should consider incorporating into your next house! Are you thinking about building a home or remodeling your existing space? If so, it’s quite likely you have little ones to consider. If you do have children, you undoubtedly want a safe, comfortable, and fun place for them to call home! After all, your home is where the best memories are made! In this blog post, we’re going over some fun and practical kid-friendly features that every homeowner should consider when building their next home. 

A Playroom 

A playroom is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you are considering kid-friendly home features. Give your kids a designated space to be creative and explore! They’ll love having a space where they are free to express themselves and play. Not to mention, you’ll be thankful you have a space that all the toys can freely be scattered. Whether your playroom is in a spare bedroom, loft space, or even a basement, your kids will be thankful they have an area to play in! 

Drop Zone With Hooks 

You probably agree, effective storage solutions are imperative! This is especially true for those that have little ones. Built-in drop zones near the garage entry are becoming increasingly popular for this reason. These storage areas are great for tucking away everyday essentials such as coats, shoes, backpacks, and purses. You’ll love having a space to keep this clutter away from the rest of the home! 

A Kitchen Island 

Kitchen islands are practical for kids and parents! If you have children, you likely have a lot of activities to juggle. From school to dance class, baseball games, band practice, and more, you probably have a hectic schedule! Kitchen islands are great for serving quick meals, and they make clean up a breeze. Not to mention, kitchen islands are great for homeowners who love to entertain! Kitchen islands are ideal for serving meals, displaying charcuterie boards, and serving yummy cocktails.

A Kid-Friendly Pantry 

Give your kids some independence, and yourself a break! Consider incorporating a walk-in pantry or butler’s kitchen into your home plan. Have an outlet installed in the pantry that allows kids the ability to easily access the microwave and other small appliances. 

Functional Bathroom Designs 

Let’s face it, getting ready for school and activities can sometimes be chaotic. A functional bathroom layout can make all the difference! If your kids are sharing a bathroom, having a door separating the sink area and the shower/toilet area can be a game-changer! A simple door dividing these areas can allow multiple children to use the bathroom at once! 

A Practical Laundry Room

As unglamorous as it is, a practical laundry room design is a must-have! Starting from the location of the laundry room itself. Many people love their laundry room placed central to all the bedrooms. After all, do you really want to walk up and down the staircase with laundry baskets, time and time again?! Other great laundry room features might include a drying rack as well as cabinets for detergents and stain removers. Some homeowners even opt to install a folding station in their laundry room. Don’t forget to add an outlet near the drying station so that you can watch your favorite shows, charge your phone, and more!

Semi-Gloss Paint

Matt paint might look appealing in a catalog, but you’ll soon regret this choice if you have children! Semi-gloss paint is much easier to clean. Simply wipe away kitchen messes and art explosions with a wet paper towel. You’ll be thankful you chose a semi-gloss paint! 

Durable Flooring 

There’s no question, you want your home to be beautiful and long-lasting! With this in mind, be sure to pick flooring that suits your lifestyle. Vinyl flooring or fabricated wood floors are easy to maintain and durable against everyday wear and tear. If you plan to have carpet in your home, choose a color that will age gracefully and not show stains. This is especially true for high traffic areas such as staircases! If the durability and longevity of your flooring are important to you, ask your home builder and designer what material selections they recommend! 

A Covered Outdoor Living Space 

Bring the fun outside! After all, everyone benefits from a little fresh air. Having a covered patio or deck area is a great addition that the whole family will love! Kids can roam outside and play with toys, while parents relax in a shaded area. Double win if you ask us! 

Storage Space

We all admittedly need storage in our home! This is especially true for those who have children. After all, you likely have keepsakes that you’ll need somewhere safe and dry to store. Consider the closet space you think you’ll need before building a home. Furthermore, determine how much-unfinished basement space you’ll need for seasonal decor, nicknacks, and miscellaneous treasures. 

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