10 Ways To Add Some Personality Into Your New Construction Home

Are you looking for a Kansas City new construction home? Maybe you’re curious about how you can let your personality shine throughout your new house! Along with the fun that comes with decorating a home, there also comes a sense of comfort when your home is exactly how you want it to be. We are here to share some ways you can make your Kansas City new construction home unique and create a space that is perfectly meant for you and your loved ones!

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Now, let’s take a look at some ways you can add some personality into your Kansas City new construction home!

Choose Beautiful Flooring

Choose the flooring that you feel suits you and your needs best. There are various types of flooring and materials to pick from, ranging from hardwood to vinyl, and more. Figure out the best choice for you by assessing the needs of each room in your home. For instance, factors such as moisture, durability, costs, and style should greatly influence your decision. Once you have the right flooring locked down, it can add a lot of character to your home!

Jazz Up The Walls With Paint

The paint you choose can add a lot of identity to your home. It is a great way to change the mood of the room, and it is easy to change up whenever you are feeling something new. If you paint a room a certain color and decide it’s not for you, go ahead and switch it up. That is the beauty of paint! Feel free to paint the ceilings if that is how you want to creatively express yourself, and choose whatever color is right for you.

Play Around With Furniture

Choose furniture that is comfortable, practical, and reflects your style. Furniture will catch the eye of anyone who enters your home, so choose a couch that shows off your unique aesthetic preference. For example, if you like bright colors, choose a red couch! If you are more of a neutral person, choose a beige couch. Add fun decorative pillows to give the couch more character, and make sure the couch is of the utmost comfort for you to lounge on.

Display Some Artwork

Spice up your home with some beautiful artwork! Browse artwork online or take a walk through some local art galleries. Artwork is a great way to show off your artistic taste throughout your home. In addition, you can bring a lot of light to a dull room by adding some simple artwork that makes you feel good whenever you pass it.

Add Photos Of Loved Ones

Add some photos of your family members, friends, or pets! This will make your home more special and will create a happy place for you. The key is to make this new build feel like a true home, and photos of your loved ones are necessary to achieve that.

Consider Decorative Rugs

Rugs are great staple pieces to add to your new build! They can add color, texture, and pattern to a room. Therefore, pick rugs that bring out your style and add something to the room’s unique aesthetic. 

Grow Some Greenery 

Make your home a little greener with plants or add some colorful flowers! Plants and flowers alike will make rooms in your home come alive. You can even add faux plants to a room that doesn’t have much light. These are great additions to brighten up any room.

Incorporate Pops Of Color

Add pops of color throughout your home to make your home more eccentric! You can add this color through pillows, paints, decorations, and much more. Whatever colors you love should be shown throughout your home to make it more you.

Add Memorabilia 

Don’t forget to add sentimental pieces throughout your home. Your home should be full of memories so it truly feels like a safe place for you. Memorabilia can help calm you down at stressful times and make you feel at home. Add in pieces that are comforting and that tell your story!

Display Your Accomplishments

This is your new home, so display your accomplishments loud and proud. Bring out that old 5k medal or your college diploma. You should not only feel proud about creating a beautiful new home, but also proud of the accomplishments that got you to the amazing place that you are now! 

Build Your New Construction Home With Hearthside Homes!

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