Congratulations! You just bought a new home, or are in the home buying process. It can be really exciting to think about how you’re going to furnish and decorate your new space. After all, incorporating things into your home that you love is key to feeling comfortable and happy in your environment! 

Are you looking for ways to furnish your new home, but not interested in paying a pretty penny? A lot of money has already gone into buying the home and moving! As a result, you might not be too keen on paying high-end prices when it comes to furnishings. After all, those Pottery Barn price tags can be pretty jaw-dropping! So, let’s brainstorm on ways to save when trying to fill your new space! Decorating and furnishing your Kansas City home can get expensive, but this blog post will give you some tips for adding new pieces into your home that won’t break the bank! 

If this is your first time reading our blog, welcome to Hearthside Homes! We are a semi-custom home builder based in Liberty, Missouri. We specialize in building long-lasting and functional homes for residents in the Liberty, Kansas City, Parkville, and Kearney areas. We have over 30 years of experience and have built nearly 2,000 homes, ranging from $350k to $700k+. Click here to check out our current listings! Without further ado, let’s jump into the ways that you can furnish your new Kansas City home on a budget! Let’s jump into the ways to save now!

Look At What You Already Have

Just because you’re moving into a new home doesn’t mean you have to start completely from scratch! Although it might be tempting to buy everything new, it’s not realistic for most families. In fact, part of the fun of moving into a new home is gradually making the space uniquely yours! There’s no race to furnish to perfection as soon as you’re handed the keys. 

Do you have existing furniture you can transfer to the new space? It doesn’t have to look Pinterest-worthy right off the bat. Anything that is still in good shape should be brought with you. However, if you currently own any eyesores that you truly detest, it might be a good idea to go ahead and donate those items. Take inventory of what you already own and consider saving up for new pieces gradually! 

Ask Relatives Or Friends For Donations

Buying a new home can often wipe out the savings account! If you need furniture in the interim while you replenish your savings, consider contacting loved ones. Call up your family and friends and inquire if they have anything lying around that they don’t need. After all, most of us are beyond guilty of keeping too many unused items in our basements and garages. You could even make a post on social media. You might be surprised by the responses you get! 

Check Out A Yard Sale

People toss out a lot of different things at yard sales! Even better, estate sales are often filled with gems that need to be sold asap. You’ll likely find affordable items that are in great condition! This is a great place to find inexpensive items to furnish and decorate with. Plus, buying used items is environmentally friendly. You can find listings for yard and estate sales in the newspaper, online forums, Facebook Marketplace, auctions, or even just keep a lookout for signs as you drive on the weekends! 

Visit The Thrift Store

Just like yard and estate sales, there’s no shame in buying second-hand furniture and decorations! Check out your local thrift stores near high-end neighborhoods. Often folks decide it’s easier to donate items rather than host a garage sale. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outstanding deals you can find! 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Sales

If you know you’re going to be moving in the future, you can always start to slowly collect new items before the big move. Keep your eyes peeled for sales! Stores often have seasonal deals. Make sure you’re looking in your mailbox or inbox for coupons to your favorite shops. In addition, you can also set price alerts online so you can score new furniture and decor at a discounted price! Just download some apps and load them with your wishlist items. You will get alerted once the price drops! Mark your calendar for these peak sales: 

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • 4th Of July
  • Labor Day
  • Post-Christmas

Get Creative & DIY! 

Are you or your partner handy? Maybe consider a DIY approach, and make your own furniture! Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can still succeed in making your own furniture. There are several online resources that teach you step-by-step how to build tables, chairs, and create your own artwork. Not only can this save you a bunch, but you’ll have one-of-a-kind pieces that you’ll cherish for years to come! 

If you want to build furniture as cheaply as possible, consider building it out of wood pallets from shipping yards. Reclaimed wood furniture is very trendy right now anyway. Not to mention, handbuilt furniture and decor are great conversation starters for your housewarming party! 

Browse At IKEA

You probably have good intentions of your new home being highly functional and organized! Where better to buy affordable furniture than IKEA? Although you have to assemble most things yourself, IKEA offers great furnishings at an affordable price. You can find an IKEA store in almost every city, so this is definitely a great option if you are looking for an easy way to get your furnishings! IKEA also offers online shipping, so feel free to browse in the comfort of your PJs. 

Locate A Factory Furniture Store

Factory furniture stores manufacture furniture on-site, so they don’t have showroom overheads or other costs associated with buying from a retailer. For example, purchasing from one of these stores can save you hundreds of dollars! You will just need to make sure the outlet that you are looking at has what you need ahead of time. A quick Google search can provide you with more information. 

Look At Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is all the rage right now! There are some very nice, high-quality items that can be found by browsing this platform. Many items are even listed for free since the owners just want the item off their hands. Perhaps consider selling your unwanted items to save up for new ones if you wish! 

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

We hope this blog gave you good advice when it comes to furnishing your new Kansas City home on a budget. Remember, it’s okay to move into your new home and gradually purchase items! It might be tempting to open a credit card at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but adding thousands of dollars of debt to your name isn’t a pleasant way to start your life in your new home. 

Consider creating a budget before you start the process of purchasing new furniture and other items for your new Kansas City home. You will want to pinpoint what you absolutely need and figure out how much each item should roughly cost. After that, start looking around and price comparing.

Still Searching For Your Ideal Home? 

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