More isn’t always better! This is especially true when it comes to all the “stuff” in your home! Are you getting ready for a Kansas City move? If so, decluttering is probably a great idea! We all know moving can be a bit stressful, so decluttering your home beforehand can allow for a smoother process. It can be hard to let go of personal items, but getting rid of things that you don’t need will save you time, money, and effort when it comes time to pack up! 

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Give Yourself Time To Prepare

Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting rid of things! Begin decluttering a few months before your move so you aren’t overwhelmed as you transition into your new home. Plan out an hour each day to tackle all the rooms throughout your home. You might find it easiest to go from one room to the next rather than running all-around your house. 

Start by loading up on garbage bags and moving boxes. You will want garbage bags for anything you do not want to keep, and moving boxes for the things you wish to pack and bring to your new home. When going through items, make separate piles for trash, donations, and items you wish to keep. 

Invest in a shredder for old documents you need to dispose of and make sure you have packaging tape to seal all the boxes so they are secure. By preparing and gathering items you will need, you will feel organized and ready to take on the task of decluttering!

Divide & Conquer Each Room

Divide and conquer your home! Don’t be afraid to make this a family project. Or, if you’re feeling entirely overwhelmed, ask some friends to come over and help you sift through stuff. Third parties are likely to be much more objective with all the things in your home. 

Tackle a different room each week in the months leading up to your move. This will help you stay organized and prevent you from getting too swamped throughout the process. You can then donate, sell, recycle, or dispose of the items!

If you have kids, consider asking a grandparent or friend to watch them as you go through the toys. Your kids likely won’t notice obnoxious toys missing, but seeing you get rid of them may cause a whole lotta drama. 

Start With The Kitchen

Remember all the quarantine food you stocked up on? There’s a good chance some of those cans are expired. Get rid of anything in the kitchen that is expired, broken, or mismatched. Be sure to check the condiments and throw out what has gone bad!

In addition to this, sort through your utensils, tools, cookware, Tupperware, plates, and glasses. If you have a bunch of mismatching pieces, it might be a good idea to start fresh in the new home. 

Anything that is stained, chipped, or that you have too much of should be tossed. You won’t need or want it in your pretty new kitchen anyway! It will be a hassle to move and just sit on a shelf for another decade. 

Tackle The Living Room

A shared living space will certainly collect a lot of items from everyone in your family over the years. Kid’s toys, pet items, DVDs, books, games, magazines, blankets, and more can clutter this room. Throw out or donate what might be outdated or broken. Clearing this room up can make for an easy and pain-free move!

Bedrooms & Clothing

Donate or sell old clothes and shoes. We all know hoarding clothes is a common theme for most people, so you do not want to skip your bedroom when it comes time to declutter! Get rid of that sweater you haven’t worn in two years. You won’t wear it again, trust us! And, you might be shocked at how many broken hangers you have lying in the back of your closet.

Bathrooms & All The Products

While decluttering the bathrooms, you may wonder how on earth one family could have so many products! You likely only use the same routine products most days. Donate the rest to a homeless shelter. 

Most folks are guilty of missing the expiration date on medicine or beauty products. If you look right now, I am sure you’ll find several medicine bottles or beauty products that expired longer ago than you want to admit. Get rid of these items and start fresh in your new home! 

Linen Closets

Any sheets, towels, or blankets with stains or rips should be donated or disposed of. You’ll likely want new and clean linens to use in your new home! If you have a bedspread that hasn’t been used in years or towels from your college frat house, it’s probably time to rethink the linens in your home. 

Office Supplies 

If you have a home office, there are probably a good amount of old papers that need to be sorted through. Documents should be thrown out if they’re older than 7 years or just not very important. Because these papers can be confidential, that is where your new shredder will come in! Scrap those old documents you don’t need safely. It will make your life easier, we promise. Papers may not seem like they take up a lot of space, but they do!

The Garage…

Everything that you tried to get rid of at one point in your life may have ended up in the garage. Be sure to not ignore this important space and declutter it! Anything that hasn’t been used in years should be tossed or donated, and there might be a lot of broken items in here that you haven’t gotten around to fixing. Do you really need that many tools? Are you actually going to use that exercise equipment? Get rid of it before the move! A clean garage will make you feel at ease.

Consider A Storage Unit

If there are some items you just can’t seem to part with, consider purchasing a storage unit. This way, the items that aren’t being used daily will still have a home, but you won’t have to worry about cluttering your new space.

Invest In Organization For The New Home

You may be wondering how you ended up with so many things out of place. Maybe you simply needed more square footage, but you likely could benefit from organizational tools. Browse through Amazon for various organizational tools. You probably could benefit from spice racks, shoe organizers, pantry storage, and more! 

Some Places To Donate In Kansas City:

There are several places to donate in Kansas City including Habitat For Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more.

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