If you’re comparing Kansas City home builders, you may be a little overwhelmed by your choices! After all, buying a home is a big decision and you want to make sure you’re picking a builder you can trust. Not only do you want the final product to be beautiful and long-lasting, but you want a positive buying experience. If this resonates with you, keep reading to learn how to compare Kansas City home builders. 

Have you been to our website before? If not, welcome to Hearthside Homes of Kansas City! We are one of the premier Kansas City home builders in the Northland. Hearthside Homes is a semi-custom home builder based in Liberty, Missouri. Since 1987, we’ve built nearly 2,000 long-lasting homes. We currently build in the Kansas City, Parkville, Kearney, and Liberty areas. Our homes range in price from $350k-$700k. You can check out our available listings here. Don’t forget to check out our gallery! Also, you can click here to learn more about the communities we build in. We hope you enjoy reading this blog post about how to compare Kansas City home builders! 

Look Through Photos

On a superficial level, you’ll probably want to start comparing Kansas City home builders by taking a look at their portfolio. Scroll through their social media accounts to get an idea of their design style and quality of craftsmanship. 

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Take A Tour Of Their Homes

Better than looking at photos online, see if you’re able to tour some homes in person! This will give you a better idea of the quality of work a builder does. 

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge whether or not a home builder is right for you is by reading online reviews. A good home builder will have lots of happy clients that stand by their work! 

Did you know Hearthside Homes of Kansas City has over 100 5-star reviews on Google? Click here to check out our Google reviews and hear from some of our happy customers. Our client, Mehtab, shares: 

“We did not expect to find ourselves building a house, but when we found Hearthside we were blown away by the quality of their work and their utmost professionalism! The entire team at Hearthside was amazing and they were so transparent and upfront about the building process! They worked with us through all the hurdles that come with building a home and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product! We love our new home and would recommend Hearthside to anyone looking to build a quality home with peace of mind!”

Take A Look At Their Listings

Scroll through each home builder’s listings and see if any spark your interest. Many builders offer move-in-ready homes, or homes that are in the process of being built. These properties are known as spec homes. The advantage of purchasing a spec home is that the buyer doesn’t have to wait nearly as long for their new home to be completed. These homes are designed by experts, ensuring a beautiful final product. 

At Hearthside Homes, if you purchase a spec home early enough, you may be able to make some of the material selections! Click here to take a look at our current listings. 

Assess The Floor Plans Offered

No two home builders offer the same houses. This is especially true in terms of the floor plans offered. Some builders offer full customizations from start to finish. Other home builders offer semi-custom homes, as we do. This means our clients get to pick from one of our expertly designed floor plans and then choose the aesthetic components such as paint and flooring. 

At Hearthside Homes, we offer a wide range of floor plans to choose from. Our architects and construction managers have collaborated to create homes with ideal layouts. Click here to check out our 2-story1.5 storyranchreverse, and split-style floor plans.

Do They Have A Design Center?

Speaking of material selections, clients that purchase from Hearthside Homes of Kansas City may get to choose some of the aesthetic components of their new home at our Design Center. You’ll love getting to make your home uniquely yours! Click here to learn more about our Design Center located at 1915 Industrial Drive (#300), Liberty, MO 64068. From flooring to paint, tile, cabinetry, countertops, and beyond, you’ll love getting to make the space uniquely yours! To learn more about our build process, click here. 

Make Sure They Have A Warranty

A good home builder will confidently stand by their work. For example, at Hearthside Homes of Kansas City, we proudly offer a 12-month warranty on all of our new construction homes. We even have a Warranty Manager on our team to make sure you have a go-to contact to reach out to if needed. In summary, you’ll have peace of mind when you buy with Hearthside Homes! 

Are The Homes Inspected Properly?

Are the homes inspected by third-party experts? At Hearthside Homes, we hire impartial third-party industry leaders to review each area of our homes. This comprehensive assessment involves a: 

  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Third-party HVAC duct cleaning
  • Third-party sewer line inspection
  • Third-party home inspection

We want our buyers to have confidence in their purchase! That’s why we hire impartial pros to review our work. Pretty great, huh?

Request A Completion Timeline 

A seasoned home builder will be able to provide you with an accurate completion timeline for your home. Whether you purchase one of our spec homes or opt to build with us from the ground up, Hearthside Homes of Kansas City can give you an accurate completion timeframe. When we say it will be done by a certain date, you can count on it! Seriously! 

Is The Builder Licensed & Insured? 

As obvious as this may sound, verify that the builder you are interested in is licensed and insured. Moreover, make sure the builder you buy from has extensive experience! You would not believe the horror stories we’ve heard over the years. 

Get To Know The Team

A business is only good as its team, right? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a builder to learn more about their process and staff. A quick call, or even a meeting, can give you all the reassurance you need when comparing Kansas City home builders. Click here to learn a little bit more about the team at Hearthside Homes of Kansas City! 

Listen To Previous Customers

Similar to reading online reviews, ask the builder if they have any video testimonials you can watch! Video testimonials allow you to learn more about the home building process as well as the customer experience. Click here, or on the video below, to hear from some of our happy home buyers!

Have Questions? Ask Away! 

We hope this blog post provided you with some guidance in terms of comparing Kansas City home builders. It’s super important to do your research before signing a contract with a builder. If you have any questions about working with Hearthside Homes of Kansas City, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (816) 781-0234. You can also schedule an appointment at our Design Center located at 1915 Industrial Drive (#300), Liberty, MO 64068. Be sure to follow all the behind-the-scenes fun on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We hope you enjoyed learning more about comparing Kansas City home builders.