Cost-Saving Tips When Building A Home

Are you looking for cost-saving tips when building a home? Chances are high, if you’re stumbling across this blog post, that you’re thinking about building a house! If so, you’re likely hoping to get the best bang for your buck! After all, your home is likely to be one of the biggest investments you ever make. In this blog post, we’re sharing our best cost-saving tips when building a home. From picking affordable material selections to choosing an ideal location and even selecting your home builder, there are a lot of components to consider when it comes to saving money while building a house! 

For those of you who are new to our website, welcome to Hearthside Homes! We are a home builder located in Liberty, Missouri. Since 1987, we’ve helped hundreds of families create a beautiful and long-lasting space to call home. Throughout that time, we’ve created a fast, simple, and headache-free home building process. We hope you enjoy learning more about cost-saving tips when building a home! 

Figure Out What’s Important To You Early On 

Just like your parents have probably told you from a young age, stay within your means! There’s no question, everyone wants a safe and beautiful place to live. With that said, financial stress can take away the excitement and joy of a new house. Be sure to figure out what you can comfortably afford, and what you want most in your new home. Make a list of your must-haves and desires. It’s important that you know the difference between “need” and “want”. You might find that certain aspects of your home can hold off for a few years until you have the cash saved to pay for the project. 

Do Your Research Before You Sign A Contract 

As obvious as it sounds, do your research before hiring a builder! Like everything in life, not all home builders are created equal. Lookup Google reviews, watch testimonial videos, and ask former clients about their experience. Don’t pick a builder purely based on a spec home you recently toured. Spec homes are often a highlight reel of a home builder’s ability to construct a home. Spec homes tell you nothing about the duration of the project, the durability of the materials, or the quality and craftsmanship of the contractors! 

Your Location Is Key!

The lot you build on will definitely affect the overall price tag of your new home. To get the best bang for your buck, work with a realtor who can help you find a property within your budget! With that said, don’t cheap out on your location! You can’t move a house once it’s built. The wrong location could cost you a fortune if you ever have to sell it in the future. Choose a community that has good school districts and lots of nearby attractions. 

Pick The Right Material Selections 

Don’t get carried away when it comes to material selections! One of the quickest ways to blow your budget is by picking top of the line material selections. The reality is, most visitors aren’t going to know if you spend $500 or $5,000 on your kitchen backsplash. Work with a designer that knows your budget. Let them know you only want to see options that are within your allotted price range. A good home builder will be able to give you a handful of beautiful options within your contract price range! 

Know What You Want And Stick With It! 

Avoiding change orders can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Know what you want from the beginning and stick to it! The best way you can prepare to pick out your material selections is by having a clear vision. We highly recommend creating a Pinterest board for your new home. Share this board with your designer in advance so that they can pull material selections that match your taste and budget. Once you pick something, avoid changing it at all costs! Often change orders make the home building experience complicated for everyone involved. Not to mention, a change order could cause your builder to have to reorder supplies and potentially even delay your construction timeline! 

Don’t Focus Too Long On The Small Stuff 

Are you dwelling on the master bedroom paint color? Maybe you’re torn between gray or brown carpet in the basement. If you’re having a material selection debate, ask your designer which option they recommend and roll with it! Don’t let the small stuff delay your project or cause you to go over your budget. Likewise, don’t become overwhelmed or anxious if the laundry room tile you want is ten times over your budget. It’s usually not worth the financial anxiety! You likely have a handful of beautiful and affordable options to choose from that won’t break the bank. Plus, once you move your furniture into your home, you likely won’t notice a huge difference between the cheaper and more expensive material selections! 

Buy Furniture & Fixtures On Sale 

You don’t have to move into a new home and fully furnish it all at once! Take your time, and buy items slowly. You’ll have fun gradually adding various elements into your home!

Additionally, you might be able to find great deals on light fixtures and mirrors. By installing these yourself, you could potentially save a chunk of change. Just make sure you know what you’re doing! 

Plan For The Future 

Do you have your heart set on an outdoor living space or a finished basement? Is this project going to break the bank? Have no fear! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Talk to your home builder about planning for these future renovations. Have your builder take future projects into consideration before the plans are finalized. For example, if you want to eventually finish your basement, be sure that the proper electrical and plumbing work gets include during your build! 

Choose A Pre-Designed Plan

There’s a big difference between building a fully custom home and a “semi-custom” home. Semi-custom homes are pre-designed plans a home builder has built time and time again. You’ll choose a layout that you love and then make the aesthetic decisions about each component of your home. From the exterior to the interior, top to bottom, you’ll have a great time making your home unique to your style! A semi-custom home definitely speeds the build process up and is usually more affordable because of the predictability of the scope of work. 

Hire The Right Home Builder!

Lastly, our number one cost-saving tip is to choose the right home builder! As simple and obvious as it may seem, often homeowners end up regretting their home builder of choice. At Hearthside Homes, we understand that you want a simple, fun, and fast home building experience. You want the project to run smoothly and you want to be included throughout the process! With this in mind, each of our clients receives a private login account via our online portal, BuilderTrend. With this technology, we’re able to communicate with our homeowners from start to finish. Our clients love getting frequent scheduling updates and progress photos from the jobsite!

Working with Hearthside Homes is a breeze! Once you pick a floor plan and community you love, you’ll make your material selections at our Design Center in Liberty, Missouri. Our Design Center offers a one-stop-shopping experience for our customers. You’ll love getting to choose each component of your new home! From cabinetry to flooring, paint, fixtures, and more, you’ll have a fun time choosing your material selections! Click here to watch a 3D virtual tour of our Design Center!

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