Making Selections When Building A Home (Without Getting Overwhelmed)

Are you thinking about building a home in the Kansas City area? Building a home is often a goal for many families. After all, it’s so fun to be able to customize a brand new home to your unique lifestyle. Not only do you get to pick the neighborhood, lot and floor plan, you also get to choose nearly every finishing detail! From the paint to the flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes and beyond, building a home requires a homeowner to make a lot of decisions. Of course, this is a super fun process. However, it can easily become an overwhelming experience for indecisive individuals. 

In today’s blog post, we’re going to share some tips and tricks for making the material selections process as easy and worry-free as possible. Since 1987, Hearthside Homes has been building beautiful, functional and long-lasting houses for residents in the Parkville, Kansas City, Liberty, Kearney and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide our clients with a fun-filled and hassle-free homebuilding experience. Our homes range from $275,000 – $500,000. Click here to request to be contacted by one of our experts. 

Now, let’s talk about choosing the material selections for your beautiful new home! It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as one might think! 

You Don’t Have To Know Everything Before Getting Started

Are you thinking about building a Hearthside Home? If you have a particular lot or neighborhood in mind, it’s not too early to get the process started! Often times people assume that they need every detail determined before they begin talking with a builder. You definitely don’t! When we start a project with a client, we’ll walk them through our entire process so that they know what to expect from the beginning. Surprisingly, you won’t have to make a ton of decisions all at once, you’ll have designated meetings with our experts who will help you make choices along the way. Click here to learn all about our process!

Research Your Inspiration & Have Photos Ready 

You know what they say! Photos tell a thousand words. Make sure you attend your design meeting with some inspiration in hand. Consider creating a Pinterest board for every room in your house. Feel free to share these with your designer before your meeting so that they can suggest a few preliminary options for you. By doing this method, your designer will be able to quickly get on the same wave-length as you and help you pick materials that match your inspiration.

Commit To A Sense Of Style

As silly as it sounds, you need to commit to a sense of style! Are you looking for traditional or contemporary elements? Maybe you love the modern farmhouse trend, but is it really YOU? Before you arrive at your design meeting, make sure you know exactly what style is right for you and your family. A beautiful home is one thing, but it needs to be livable and suit your unique style. 

Make Sure Your Choices Are Practical 

One thing is common amongst anyone who builds a home, they want the space to be functional and long-lasting! You need to make sure that the materials you pick are going to easily accommodate your lifestyle. If you have a Great Dane for instance, you’re going to want to make sure the flooring is scratch resistant. If you have toddlers, you’ll probably want to go with a glossier paint than a matte option, as it will be much easier to remove stains. Think about how you’ll actually live in the space and make choices accordingly! 

Stay Within The Budget 

Ah! Darn that six letter word called a “BUDGET”. It can be easy to get carried away, especially when it comes to a big purchase. If you can swing a few “must-have” upgrades, then by all means do. However, don’t get out of control if the added mortgage payment is going to cause financial stress to you and your family. One of the benefits to working with Hearthside Homes is that we can help you stick within your budget! If you don’t want to spend a penny more than what the contract details entail, our design team can exclusively show you options within that range. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 

It’s amazing how people are willing to spend thousands on appliances, but then they’ll toss and turn at night over a few hundred dollar difference in paint or tile. It’s common for a lot of homeowners to spend countless hours debating over details that are so minuscule in the big scheme of things. 

Let’s say you’ve narrowed down a marble backsplash in the kitchen. One option has a cool undertone while the other may have a warmer undertone. You love them both, but you’re finding it hard to commit. In which case, ask your designer which one they would choose! It’s important to not worry about the little things. We’re not saying that these don’t matter, but both options will most likely look amazing once installed. If you want to make sure your home is built in a timely manner, you as the homeowner need to be ready to commit to your material selections! 

How Hearthside Homes Makes Material Selections As Easy As Pie 

We understand that building a home is a huge investment. It’s normal to want every detail to match your expectations. Since 1987, Hearthside Homes has been systematizing the home building experience. We have experts in place through each phase of the home building process so that you’ll feel confident with your decisions. Click here to check out our process and learn why Hearthside Homes is a builder you can trust. 

Choose Hearthside Homes As Your Builder! 

Are you thinking about building a home in the Parkville, Kansas City, Liberty, Kearney or surrounding areas? Hearthside Homes would be honored to guide you through the process. Since 1987, we’ve been building beautiful, functional and long-lasting homes. We understand that you have a lot of Kansas City homebuilders to choose from. What makes us different you may ask? 

We’re committed to providing a hassle-free and quick home building process! Working with our team is fun and easy! 

Start by choosing from one of our awesome floor plans. We have a variety of layouts for you to choose from. Next, one of our designers will help you make all of your material selections. From the floor to the paint, hinges and beyond, our team will work alongside you to make sure you’re confident in your selections. Then, we’ll build your beautiful new home in just SIX months! It really is that easy. 

Even if you’re just getting started, feel free to fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at (816) 781-0234. One of our experts is happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Additionally, we’d love for you to visit our Design Center located at 1915 Industrial Dr #300, Liberty, MO 64068. Here, you’ll be able to chat with a team member and get a glance at some of our amazing material selections and home finishings! Building a home is a lot of fun and we’d love to hear about your ideas! 

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